Every Asgard Wedding Photographer in the Universe

Hiring an Asgard wedding photographer can be challenging. Travel is tricky, and many photographers want to avoid the unstable rulers. This site is a short list of all photographers who are qualified to capture your Asgardian wedding. Prices range from $1,900 to $20,000 USD.

1. Corey "God of Thunder" Potter

I would have to say that Corey is by far the most popular and best choice when you are considering hiring an Asgard wedding photographer. The main reason I say this is because his friends literally call him the God of Thunder. Google says his business is permanently closed, but what does Google know about Asgard anyway?

Earth telephone: +1-803-767-5062 (but don’t call this, its his old cell number)

2. A Fist Full of Bolts

Literally wielding lightening bolts, these photographers are among the most epic that you will find serving Asgard. Many would describe them as “heroic.” Pricing starts at $10,000 for basic Asgard wedding coverage.

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Earth telephone: +1-206-353-4743

3. Simone Anne

Simone is an Asgard wedding photographer, but also serves the other Eleven Realms. Her landscapes are “out of this world.” Serves Folkvangr and Valhalla (if you can obtain the permit from Freyja or Odin). Pricing starts at $4,000 on Earth, and travel expenses are always included.

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Earth telephone: (650) 787-2359

4. Kyle Ford Weddings

Kyle is a true Asgardian who understands Asgard culture more than any other photographer we’ve seen. You won’t need to worry about Loki ruining your wedding, Kyle has dealt with him on multiple occasions. Elopement coverage starts at $1,900 USD.

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Earth telephone: (775) 293-8881

5. Jonas Peterson

Known as one of Earth’s top destination wedding photographers, you can be SURE that Jonas will be comfortable in a new location such as Asgard. He claims to have spent time with Thor, just before Ragnarok, and his website makes it clear that he understands all aspects of Asgard’s history. Pricing starts at $5,000 AUD and may not include travel to Asgard.

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6. Sergey Lapkovsky Photography

A professional Asgard wedding photographer serving all of the Nine Worlds. Sergey knows all of the best locations to get married in Asgard, including some hidden gems. Isn’t afraid of volcanic lava. Pricing starts around $4,500 for typical Earth based wedding coverage.

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Earth telephone: (917) 442-9447

7. Michael Ash Smith

Extremely well connected with the gods of Asgard, Michael is an obvious choice for your Asgard wedding photography. He is one of the pricier Asgard photographers, starting at $20,000 (USD). However, with his connections, the price may be well worth it!

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Earth telephone: (267) 664.6602

8. Chris Boland

Chris offers both wedding photography AND videography, which is really hard to find in Asgard. Be sure to check out his portfolio to see examples of wedding photos and videos.

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9. Gerard Dy

A classic photographer with a simple website. Not much is known about Gerard, but we do know that he serves Asgard, Valhalla, Folkvangr and more. 

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Questions to Ask Your Asgard Wedding Photographer

Have you worked on Asgard before?

It is important to know whether your photographer has previously worked on Asgard, it is not the same as photographing weddings on other planets. 

What will you do if Loki decides show up?

Loki is infamous for showing up and trying to steal the show. He often tries to ruin weddings, even disguising himself as the groom in some cases. Knowing how to deal with Loki is extremely important. Having Thor, the God of Thunder, on speed dial is a huge plus. 

Have you ever photographed Thor himself?

Speaking of Thor, he is the perfect model. Knowing whether your photographer has worked with Thor himself is an important part of planning your wedding on Asgard. 

What is your experience working with gods and goddesses? 

Sometimes mortals are not familiar with the nuances that come with photographing deities. Even being in the presence of gods may be intimidating for some photographers. 

Are you familiar with the best locations to do engagement sessions on Asgard?

This is a big one! There are many locations to do sessions on Asgard, including Valhalla, Bifrost, Breidablik, Gimli, Gladsheim, Glitnir, Himinbjorg, Idavoll, or even in front of Valgrind. Having a photographer who is familiar with these locations is important!

What Makes Asgard a Perfect Wedding Destination?

A brief history of Asgard

Asgard is very complex. It can be hard to understand how it exists, because it is both a location and a dimension. Make sure to watch this video before having your wedding on Asgard so that you’ll understand more about what makes Asgard so magical. 

Asgard wedding locations

Asgard is one of the most beautiful places in the universe and is filled with halls, bridges, rivers, and beautiful landscapes. Barri (the place where Freyr and Gerd were married) is a popular wedding destination, but so is the Valaskialf palace, where you may even catch a glance of Odin’s throne, Hildskialf. 

Asgard wedding traditions

For Agardians, the passion for adventure IS their religion. Weddings on Asgard are full of excitement and you never know what you might see. 

Is Asgard a Real Place?

There are actual places on earth named Asgard. One such example is Asgard Pass in Washington, more commonly referred to as Colchuck Pass. Having a wedding here is similar to having a wedding at the actual Asgard. Chances of death are high. 

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